A Woman of Previously Good Character

I published the ebook version of my ninth novel on Monday. It was a largely pain-free process and five people bought it. I hope there will be more in time, but I have learned to manage my expectations so I was quite happy.

Contrast that with the following two days, during which I wrestled with the process of creating a paperback version. Hours and hours were spent trying to resolve formatting problems. Why did the margins change randomly half way through the document? Why did the text creep over the red lines on the cover design, although it looked perfectly fine on the original?

Fortunately, I resisted the temptation to throw my laptop across the room and persevered. Google helped me find a fix where Amazon’s guidance failed. Now Amazon have approved it, and all I have to do is wait 10 days for the proofs to arrive.

I am neither superstitious nor religious, but if you could see into my house when I open the package, you might observe some finger-crossing and even hear a whispered prayer.

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