Another snippet

Here’s another short section from my work in progress, in the hope that it will encourage some people to read it, once it’s published. I’m hopeful that date is nearer than I thought.

At last, I sat on the bus, willing the journey to pass quickly. Although I wouldn’t see you outside at the start, maybe you’d find a way to get a message to me and we would sneak out at some point. You would go first, then I would follow a few minutes later. You’d be somewhere out of sight, but I’d smell the smoke from your cigarette curling through the twilight air and I’d follow it. And then you’d throw the butt down and put your heel on it, like you always did, and you’d hold out your arms to me. You’d smile that little half-smile. And your kiss would taste of smoke but I wouldn’t care. So went my thoughts as the bus bumped along the lanes and into the outskirts of town. There were so many ways you could show me you still cared. Something would happen, I was sure of that, and I was right. If only I had known what it would be.

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