An Unfortunate Incident

An Unfortunate Incident was published in July 2017. The narrative takes place largely in the 1960s, interspersed with shorter chapters set in the present day.

cover unfortunate incident

This is the blurb:

It is fifty years since Alice last saw Georgie. Fifty years since they sat, entranced, while Sgt Pepper played. Fifty years since that horrific afternoon when everything changed and all Alice’s dreams turned out to be nightmares. But now Georgie has made contact and here they are, sitting in a cafe together.
This novel explores themes of childhood, class and the terrible consequences of innocent misunderstanding. Alice has kept her secrets for fifty years, but is it really possible to escape from the past?


This is my favourite review:

Alice and Georgia were inseparable for a year in early secondary school in the 1960s. Georgie’s family were better-off than Alice’s and, when they meet again nearly fifty years later, they each acknowledge that they envied each other. They lost contact following an incident which traumatised them both in different ways.

The story follows the 1960s narrative and the 2016 reunion, the former from Alice’s point of view and the latter from a third person viewpoint. There were plenty of small details which absolutely nailed the early 60s in time, for me, and I enjoyed it a great deal. After Alice has invited the now homeless Georgie to stay for a few days, little truths emerge and we realise the full import of what happened back then. Though it moves back and forth in time, it’s easy to follow, and a fascinating look at contrasting life-styles and expectations. It’s also a reminder that events, and people, aren’t always as we perceive them to be. Highly recommended.

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